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Associate of Arts Program in Local Government
Philosophy : Create wisdom, develop the local and close the people.
Objective : To create wisdom, ability, quality and qualifications  are as below.
  1. Having knowledge, understanding in principle of Associate of Arts Program in Local Government.
  2. Using knowledge of both the theory and workshop to apply in local work.
  3. Having concern for the value of work.
  4. Having human relationship and responsibility in work, oneself and society.
  5. Applying information technology and communication to use the data, statistic and numbers in operations.
Qualifications :
  1. Having concern and good attitude in ethics.
  2. Having public mind.
  3. Having team work and leadership skills.
  4. Having regulation and responsibility.
  5. Having self learning process.

Associate of Education Program in Early Childhood Education
Philosophy : Develop the learners to love, understand and help the child development.
Objective : Develop the graduates are qualifications:
  1. The learners should have public mind, responsibility, good characteristic, leadership and team work in order to be early childhood teacher.
  2. Using knowledge, understanding in the principle and theory in Early Childhood Education.
  3. Having knowledge, ability skill in innovation.
  4. Having ability in thinking, analysis, synthetic, creative and solving the problems.
  5. Ability in communication and using technology information.
Qualifications :
  1. Having love, kindness and taking care of the development and learning of early childhood.
  2. Having public mind.
  3. Seeking knowledge.
  4. Having knowledge and understanding in the instructional media.

Associate of Business Administration Program in Business Computer
Philosophy : Create the education chance to the people for developing themselves. To be the specialist in computers. Increase value in their life. Increase potentiality in economics and society to community and local.
Objective :
  1. The learners concern in moral, ethics, truth, hard working of technology officers.
  2. The learners know and understand in the principle of computer and business.
  3. The learners have information technology development skill to support the business work.
  4. The learners can communicate and co-operate with the organization community to take the data.
  5. The learners are able to analyze and present the information  technology data.
Qualifications :
  1. Self-study and follow the change of information technology and communication.
  2. Creative thinking in information technology and Business Communication.
  3. Ability to work and being creative in business.

Surasen Tangtong,Ed.D.
Rattana Jaroneri,Ph.D.
Vice Director

Present TAKCC